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Service Description

3Pillars is a free service offered by Bucons Consulting GmbH (Bucons), which analyses existing homepages in the world wide web and offers a free advice how a certain homepage can be optimised, so that it could be (more) visible for Search Engines such as Google.

To be able to start with the free analysis, we will need from you:

* By pressing on the send button, you confirm that you are authorised to submit company`s information, as well as ask for our opinion and tips regarding the above-mentioned homepage

You allow us:

  • To save in our database the information you filled in
  • To use your company`s name as a reference
  • To send you newsletter and surveys (with unsubscribe option)

We are NOT allowed:

  • To sell your data to third parties

We are NOT going to:

  • Analyse webpages with adult or offensive content of any kind
  • Look up at internet sites that have been classified as spam by an anti virus software or have recieved Google penalties
  • Visit you if your online content is violating public decency

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